Personal Finance

Charles Kettering once said "I expect to spend the rest of my life in the future, so I want to be reasonably sure what kind of future it is going to be. That is my reason for planning."

In order to achieve success with most anything money, health, career and relationships in the shortest possible time comes from effective planning. While it is true, that what we plan does not always come to pass, but those who plan are usually farther ahead than those who don't have a plan, and an effective plan will deal with some of the uncertainties as well.

In the kitchen we don't set out to make a cake – and then just randomly throw ingredients together, hoping for a good result. Not a good cake comes at some personal expense. First - we look through the recipe book to determine what we want to make. Then with effort we measure out the correct amounts of each ingredient and add them to the mixture. After they are all added we place the ingredients into the oven with enough time to bake.

So it is with financial planning, a good plan is like a good recipe. The ingredients must be measured and enough time should be allotted for the desired results to take shape. We have found that so many financial frustrations and failures can be eliminated with some sound financial planning. An additional benefit of a good financial plan is that you are free to enjoy the journey.

Working with you we can help you identify exactly what it is that you want to accomplish with your financial plan. You can literally map out your financial future. After identifying the goals we can provide you with the strategies that will help you achieve them. A well defined plan can help you find that needed balance in life. As a matter of fact you don't have to wait you can get started right now. Grab a pad of paper and write the following at the top:

"My Dream List"
If I had unlimited...
  • Ability, I would
  • __________________________________
  • Talent, I would
  • __________________________________
  • Self-Confidence, I would
  • __________________________________
  • Time, I would
  • __________________________________
  • Money, I would
  • __________________________________

    The process is rather simple in it's approach. First, you provide your dream list those goals that you really want to achieve. The next step is to account for your current situation. In other words what assets do we have to work with. Now the fun begins – we will help you explore from a wide range of options the strategy that you feel most comfortable with to achieve your goals. Along the way we might even find ways to help you fund those goals with additional resources that you did not even know that you had.