The term "risk" is defined as uncertainty as to loss. It is certain, however, that risk poses a problem to almost everyone in nearly every walk of life. Investors, families, estates, businesses, employees, farmers and travelers are all subjected to various forms of risk. By helping you identify the your risks we can help you develop a plan in advance that can be treated as a known expense, thus easing the burden of an unexpected event.

Just to illustrate - let's consider some of the ways in which risk can become a problem for the average family. First there is the loss of the income producing assets - a mother or father who work. A primary care giver for the family can cause increased financial burdens in the event of loss or long term sickness. Long or short term illness can devastate a family's financial stability without proper planning and protection. Long term care for elderly parents can also cause great pressure on you and your siblings.

It is not much different for a business owner. A business can be wiped out with the death of a primary income producing asset. A plant or key employee could be lost by way of fire, natural disaster or accident. While such a peril may or may not occur - they cannot be ignored.

In addition, business these days can get very complicated with all of the legal restrictions placed on it. Violating such legal restrictions, intentionally or not, can result in heavy legal liability. The list of risks against which you need to protect yourself seems to go on and on.

We live in a uncertain world, a world with dynamic market fluctuations, bad debt, strikes, riots, civil commotion, currency inflation and deflation, foreign subsidies, legal and political business restrictions - all of which can lead to loss.

We can help you identify what your risks are and develop a plan for each. As your partner we can develop effective strategies to transfer risks, to avoid risk as well as loss-prevention activities. Sustaining your risk management plan requires dedicated and ongoing focus and the help of a team of professional resources. Below is a list of some of the possible areas that we may be able to help:

  • Life Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Eliminating Debts
  • Creating Emergency Funds
  • Building Investment Funds
  • Meeting Major Expense Commitments
  • Assuring Retirement Income
  • Funding Personal Medical and Elderly Care
  • Funding Parental Elderly Care
  • Settling Transfer Tax Liabilities


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Hartford Life
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Integrity Life
The Integrity Network" - A resource for people wishing to build their lives on truth, honesty, and trust."

Life of the Southwest
"We at LSW continue to provide safe and outstanding annuities to help you increase and protect your retirement savings. LSW's traditional fixed and indexed annuities are excellent savings vehicles that offer safety, guarantees and protection of your premiums paid and earned interest from any market loss. These products are backed by LSW, a financially sound insurance company."

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Standard Insurance
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State Life (One America)
"The State Life Insurance Company, a OneAmerica® company, is focused on providing asset-based long-term care solutions. State Life is a recognized leader in providing these solutions, which utilize life insurance, fixed interest deferred and immediate annuities. The company's extensive Care Solutions portfolio of products helps consumers build a secure future by creating, leveraging and protecting their assets."

Symetra Financial
"Symetra Financial provides retirement plans, employee benefits, life insurance and annuities through a national network of independent advisors and agents."

Transamerica Life
"Your investment and retirement goals are as unique as you are. And because one size doesn't fit all, the companies of Transamerica proudly offer a variety of fixed annuity products designed to help you achieve exactly what you want."

Western United Life
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Western United is wholly-owned by Global Life Holdings, LLC (GLH). DLB Capital, LLC holds the majority common member interest in GLH. For more information about DLB Capital, please visit the DLB website at