Employee Benefits

We offer customized solutions in the areas of benefit planning, executive compensation strategies, benefits administration and management problems for employers of all sizes. Our clients range from start-ups to entire divisions of Fortune 100 companies. Our firm will provide the tools and expertise that comply with the myriad of tax laws related to employee benefits. We can even help you find innovative ways that enable you to communicate the benefits available to participants in a manner that enhances employee understanding and increases appreciation for you the employer. We can offer you a unique plan designed to deliver the greatest possible value, empowering you with the capabilities to attract the human resources that you need to grow while conserving your precious corporate financial resources.

If you want we can even act as your company's Benefit Manager. In doing so we can help you identify specific employee benefits that play in your overall business strategy. Building on that strategy, we can design a benefit package that will help you achieve your broadest business goals. We will search the market for the highest value insurance products to support that design and, when appropriate, we will supplement those products with a thin layer of employer funded benefits which we administer.

Just a few of the options available to you include:

  • Death Benefits
  • Medical Expense Benefits including: Basic Coverages,Major Medical Coverages
  • Other Medical Benefits
  • Medical Expense Coverage: Continuation of Coverage, Health Care Cost Containment, and Other Issues
  • Disability Income Benefits
  • Pension Plans: Coverage and Benefits
  • Profit-Sharing and Savings Plans
  • Section 401(k)
  • Stock Bonus
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • Other Retirement Plans
  • Unemployment Plans
  • Additional Employee Benefit Plans
  • Flexible Benefits or Cafeteria Plans
  • Funding Employee Welfare Benefit Plans