About Us

About Us


For the past 30+ years, we have helped pre-retirees and those already enjoying retirement, to invest their "serious" money. We have provided fixed annuity research and have made recommendations for upgrades only when it has been in the client's best interest. The majority of our income is derived from commission income, a one-time payment, paid by the insurance company chosen. When clients accept and appreciate our recommendations, it allows us to stay in business and to continue to offer products that meet our clients' objectives. It allows us to provide "complimentary portfolio updates" several times per year.

In addition to fixed/guaranteed annuities, we offer the following services and products:

  • Life Insurance -  the most tax-efficient way to transfer wealth to heirs.
  • Long Term Care Insurance - to help cover the expensive cost of providing care for loved ones who may require it.
  • Asset Tracking & Reporting - for clients wanting a consolidated statement of investments within their portfolio, on a calendar quarter basis. We charge a nominal fee for this service; 1/4 of 1.0% annually, calculated on the value of assets being tracked; charged quarterly. Minimum quarterly fee $50. (We waive the $500 setup fee for existing clients.)
  • Portfolio Management - for clients wanting a full-range of services including portfolio management, using non-commissionable, no-load, no-transaction fee variable annuities and mutual funds. We charge 1% annually, charged quarterly in arrears, on the value of the assets being managed. Some fixed assets are discounted and not included in the fee calculation. (We waive the $500 setup fee for existing clients.)
  • FREE / NO CHARGE - review of current portfolio (as well as any other investments you may have outside of AB-Allen Financial). We would love to meet with you and your family/friends! No obligation of course!

We appreciate the trust and confidence you have shown by entrusting your investments or a portion of your investments with AB-Allen Financial over the years. We look forward to servicing your accounts for many more years to come! Thank you for being a valued client, we appreciate your business!

Best Regards,
Linda Allen, CRPC
President, CEO