3 Levels of Service


Remember, everyone needs objective advice to make smart financial decisions!

The original firm, Anderson-Burk, Inc. was founded in 1978 as an Annuity Research/Brokerage specialist. Anderson-Burk was incorporated in 1981 in Washington State. Over the years the company expanded, taking on many new challenges and responsibilities. In April of 1994, Anderson-Burk was registered with Washington State as a Registered Investment Adviser.

After 20 years of association, Micheal Burk and Linda Allen entered into a 5-year Buy/Sell Agreement on 8/1/2004. That Buy/Sell Agreement was completed on 9/9/2008, ten months ahead of schedule. At that time, 100% of the company stock was transferred to Linda Allen as the sole stockholder.

Linda Allen changed the tax status of the company in November, 2009 necessitating a change in the legal name of the company to: AB-Allen Financial, LLC.

AB-ALLEN FINANCIAL, LLC provides personalized confidential asset management and/or asset tracking services to individuals and families. Clients have the option of selecting the support level that best fits their family’s needs:

1. Portfolio Management Client: A Fee Based Relationship

For clients who desire a full range of portfolio management services including: market research, ongoing objective investment advice, portfolio management (with trading discretion), and complete client reporting and administrative services.

2. Asset Tracking & Reporting Client: A Fee and Commission Relationship

For clients seeking fixed insurance market research, ongoing objective investment advice on suitable "commissionable" investments (without trading discretion.) For clients who value our administrative help, expertise and attention to detail we provide in tracking the assets within their portfolio. Clients are encouraged to include all assets especially those purchased away from AB-Allen Financial to derive maximum benefit from this option.

3. Limited Administrative Services Client: A Commission Based Relationship

AB-ALLEN FINANCIAL, LLC is in the business of selling annuities, insurance, or other commissioned products. AB-ALLEN FINANCIAL, LLC is paid cash by or receives some economic benefit (including commissions, equipment or non-research services) from a non-client in connection with giving advice to clients. AB-ALLEN FINANCIAL, LLC does not compensate for client referrals.

AB-ALLEN FINANCIAL, LLC does not act as a custodian of client assets. The client always maintains asset control. AB-ALLEN FINANCIAL, LLC places trades for clients under a limited power of attorney.

The initial meeting, which may be by telephone, is free of charge and is considered an exploratory interview to determine the extent to which portfolio management services may be beneficial to the client.