Planning is the Key to Tomorrow

Key Concept: "Everyone needs objective advice to make smart financial decisions"

If you are contemplating retirement and have questions about how to invest your "serious" money, you've come to the right place! Have fun exploring our web site. We hope that you find the user-friendly information helpful but not overwhelming! Then give us a call or e-mail us. Our toll-free number is (800) 759-8822. Let's talk, no obligation of course!

Business Strategies

Every day you apply solid business planning and strategies to build a successful business, but how much discipline have you put into ensuring a good succession plan? Do you have strategies in place to replace key people in your organization? Are you employing effective strategies that ensure the transfer of your business to future generations?

Charitable Giving

Part of the reward for working hard all of your life and accumulating wealth is that you can extend the reach of your life through charitable giving. As a matter of fact you might be surprised to learn that giving to your favorite charitable organization might even have some added personal financial benefits

Economic Concepts

Making good investment decisions requires a lot of information. In other words the better you understand your options, the more informed your decision. We have provided you with a large selection of information on various topics of general interest including money growth and compounding, inflation, the economy, U.S. and international finance.

Education Funding

Time really does march on, and if you have plans to provide for your children's future - education planning is most likely a part of that planning. There are more options for funding your children's education than ever before. Determining which ones are best for you requires some degree of education on your part.

Employee Benefits

Businesses become great by attracting exceptional employees. One of the best ways to attract and keep the best employees is by empowering them with employee benefit programs that reach far beyond just normal insurance benefits. We can help you offer unique plans that provide the greatest possible value to your employees.

Estate Planning

Without proper estate planning your entire estate may be decimated by your death. In addition, your assets might get awarded to the IRS and not your heirs. With some careful planning today you might be able to significantly change what you do pass on to future generations.


Managing risks faced in your daily life can be critical to your financial success. Planning for the unexpected contingencies in life can provide needed funds in times of adversity. Whether you need help with protection for your business, your home, your life, your health or other assets get the help that you need from our team of professionals.

Wealth Accumulation

Risk, reward, liquidity - they all have their place in your investment decisions. Each investment vehicle that you might choose has a different set of benefits. Finding the right investment is often not an easy task.

Personal Finance

If you expect that you will spend a lot of time in the future then it might make some sense to prepare for the kind of future that you would like. Success comes the quickest by developing an effective plan. So whether you are young or older, single or married, starting a family or just raising one, just starting life or well-established, buying a business or selling one, planning for retirement or just a nice vacation, it's never too late to prepare for your future.


Whether you will enjoy your retirement or not might depend on the decisions that you make today. With adequate planning you might find that it is possible to maintain the lifestyle that you desire throughout retirement. One thing is certain, you are closer today than you were yesterday -- at least on the time line. But are you any closer financially?